We generate an inventory of all software deployed or subscribed in the cloud and an optimization report by comparing it with the total licensing expense.

We generate an inventory of all software implemented.

Software Usage Optimization

Our customized consulting allows you to manage, monitor, and optimize software usage to maximize performance, improve efficiency, reduce operating and licensing costs, and reduce cybersecurity risks and fines for improper use of licenses.

Value Promise

Our value proposition is to help organizations maximize return on investment, reduce costs, and ensure effective and efficient software usage management.

SUO allows organizations to comply with license usage requirements, avoid penalties, improve administration, and protect company information.

Our process offers eight phases to bring the company to a state of security for the benefit of proper use of software licensing, a controlled management of cybersecurity against the programs we use every day, and a control of consumption within the organization.



Minimizes legal risk


Improves process efficiency.


Detects cybersecurity breaches.


Maximizes profits and performance.


Incorporates organizational best practices.

Enables structured management

Enables structured management of hardware and software.


· Reduces costs.

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