With our cybersecurity consultancy, we analyze, identify, and diagnose potential vulnerabilities of technology environments in companies and minimize digital risks.

Our cybersecurity consulting helps organizations protect themselves from the myriad of cyber threats that exist and continue to grow in the digital world.


Our team of consultants is responsible for preparing, detecting, responding to, and protecting an organization’s most valuable asset: information.

This solution can also help organizations meet data security standards and comply with legal and compliance requirements, as well as help organizations improve network security performance, increase productivity, and reduce costs.


Cybersecurity Training.

Provides training and education to individuals or organizations on cybersecurity-related topics, such as best practices for securing computer networks, identifying and responding to cyber threats, and implementing effective security measures.  

Certification Preparation.

It is a service that provides advice and guidance on how the company should prepare to obtain security certifications. Security certifications are recognitions obtained by meeting specific requirements of knowledge and skills related to information security and cybersecurity.

  • Ethical Hacking. We have experts specialized in conducting vulnerability analyses and penetration testing in computer systems to identify flaws and security gaps in companies and software, which serve to develop a remediation plan or risk mitigation, seeking to proactively prevent attacks on sensitive information of companies and their employees.
  • Ethical Phishing. Through this service, you will be able to know and diagnose if you or your company are prone to suffer Phishing attacks, that is, deceits or scams through digital media (e-mails, text messages, social networks, etc.).

Our experts carry out a complete Ethical Phishing exercise, where the most vulnerable users of the company are identified, to carry out a training, awareness, and communication plan on information security.

  • Forensic Analysis. Forensic analysis is a process in which we use techniques to identify, preserve, analyze, and present data obtained from hardware and software.

These data, when not altered during extraction, can be used in legal processes. This service is also used to recover information and perform audits and detailed research on the materialization of a vulnerability, among others.

  • First Response Team. Information gathered, integrated, and analyzed from social networks allows one to obtain a different perspective on a brand’s reputation, the reception of a publication, or the deep knowledge of its customers, competitors, or suppliers.

Our consulting service allows us to identify these opportunities and establish extraction, integration, and analysis strategies to generate actionable, data-driven decisions.

  • PDS. Online personal security services platform applied to individuals in an organization, focused on monitoring the security of social networks, mobile devices, and general data to demonstrate users’ personal security level.

Value Promise

We perform customized consulting with diagnosis and analysis of security, with high impact on the entire organization, and generate recommendations evidencing the level of security, the existing risks, and actions to take to protect digital assets.

Likewise, we improve employees’ level of knowledge and identify vulnerabilities of high impact on the organization. We can also perform the necessary actions to improve, remediate an event, or react to contain the identified threats.



Protects sensitive company information against cyber attacks and threats.

Reduces the risk

Reduces the risk of data loss and exposure of sensitive information.

Reduces costs

Reduces data recovery costs.

Information security

Improves user confidence in information security.

Increases control

Increases control over information and digital resources.


Enables greater transparency of information and systems.

Integrity and confidentiality

Ensures the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information to avoid its destruction, modification, or disclosure through prevention and detection procedures or mechanisms to reduce the level of risk.

Analyzes and classifies

Analyzes and classifies exploitable weaknesses according to their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence

Improves understanding

Improves understanding of vulnerabilities by understanding why they occur and how to eliminate them.

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