We help companies to contain revenue loss due to counterfeiting, gray market, or distribution chain misbehavior.

Monitor your products and services

Brand Protection

Echez Brand Protection services reduce revenue loss due to counterfeiting, gray market activity, or bad behavior of the distribution channel.

Brand Analysis

We help our clients increase their sales, improve their brand presence in the market, and make better business decisions through dynamic reports that consolidate information about their products, resellers, current offers, and other relevant data.


  • Provides insightful information with business intelligence and analytics.
  • Helps companies understand and manage their brand presence in online channels with variables such as offenders, number of channels, stock, and selling price and discounts, among others.
  • Makes retailers’ sales strategies viable within their digital ecosystem.


Through our Anti-Infringement solution using analysis tools and specialized consultants, we help companies reduce the loss of money due to non-compliance, infringement, and counterfeiting, detecting and containing piracy of any product offered on virtual platforms.


  • Protects brand reputation.
  • Develops a customized solution.
  • Maximizes revenue through legitimate sales channels.
  • Enables conversion of infringers into legal resellers.
  • Controls and detects repeat infringers.

Partner Compliance

Through our Partner Compliance service, we evaluate, understand, and verify the performance and management of our clients’ business partners, whether in physical stores or online. In this way, we are able to recognize those who offer products adequately and grant them incentives, as well as identify those who need to improve or correct their performance.


  • Protects the reputation of our customers by maintaining the brand promise.
  • Provides confidence to the distribution ecosystem.
  • Facilitates a tailored solution.
  • Provides an on-site mystery shopper to validate customer policies.

Value Promise

We identify and monitor those markets, products, and companies whose activities damage the brand image and develop action plans to mitigate the effects of piracy and the sale of non-genuine products on companies’ profits.

Competitive advantages

Highly Qualified Personnel

Highly qualified personnel with years of experience in consulting and trademark protection.

Different Countries

Ability to provide services in different countries and fluent in several languages.

Agile Adaptation

Agile adaptation to the client's needs and the changes necessary to carry out the strategy.


Maximization of resources to manage several projects simultaneously on a regional or global scale.

Positive impact on the areas

Database management and benchmarking.


A blend of technological innovation and human capacity.



Optimizes brand presence with a deep understanding of the market.


Enables intelligent and strategic decision-making based on far-reaching information.


Measures the impact of clients' marketing and commercial strategies.


Analyzes relevant trends around the market.


Performs brand analysis to understand how it connects with diverse consumers compared to competitors.


Develops regulatory compliance actions required for product distribution.


Converts potential infringers into legal resellers.


Maximizes company revenues through legitimate sales channels.

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