Do you know if your brand is being counterfeited on the Internet?

Our Brand Protection service helps you increase your sales, optimize your brand's presence in the marketplace and protect your reputation so you can make strategic decisions. At the same time, we monitor your distributors' performance.

We help your company protect its brand identity and reduce losses due to piracy.

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    Brand Protection Solution

    Containment of lost revenue due to counterfeiting, grey market, or distribution chain misconduct


    Brand Analysis

    We help our customers make better decisions through dynamic reports consolidating information about their products, resellers, current offers and other relevant data, to increase their sales and improve the presence of their brand in the market.



    We help businesses reduce money loss from brand damage such as online infringement, counterfeiting and piracy.



    We check the performance of resellers to praise them for the right product offering (online or physical) or to identify those who need improvement.


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    Echez Group empowers companies to thrive in a digital world by providing high-quality, innovative, and tailored global services for digital business development.

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